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Rovere Publishing is a publishing house that has created a wide range of historic educational and academic posters. Rovere's l posters range from US History, Italian Culture to New York City and its landmarks.
We have supplied historic gift items wholesale to museum gift stores and schools throughout the country including: The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, The Statue of Liberty Ellis Island, The Gettysburg Civil War Museum, The New York City Police Museum, The National Park Service, Independence Hall National Park, Philadelphia, The Newseum, Ford's Theater and others.
Rovere has launched a Civil War 150th Anniversary series of posters under the
USA Culture imprint

Our various museum gifts posters for museum shops are also available retail as well as wholesale.
We can create a custom merchandise program for any museum, store, exhibit or historic event celebration. Rovere can provide wholesaler distribution for gifts shops.
History Poster Categories Include:
- United States History
- New York History
- Italy Culture
- Natural History

Educational Gift Posters Include:
- Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial
- Civil War 150th Anniversary
- Statue of Liberty
- Italia Posters
- Edgar Allan Poe Bicentennial
- George Washington
- Brooklyn Bridge
- New York City Things