Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 26th North Carolina Poster

This poster highlights the history of the 26th North Carolina in the Civil War. The regiment was created on August 27, 1861. They became part of General Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and fought at Gettysburg. 600 of 800 men were killed on the first day at Gettysburg and only 90 survived Pickett's Charge. Almost 1,900 of 2,000 men were killed by the end of the war, an 88 percent loss.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

New York City Fire Zouave Poster

The latest Civil war 150 Anniversary poster form Rovere Publishing highlights the history of the New York City Fire Zouaves.
The First and Second Fire Zouave regiments were drawn from New York City's volunteer fire companies at the start of the Civil War.
Many fire zouaves went off to war wearing the fire badge of their respective fire company.
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First Fire Zouaves - 11th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment(Ellsworth Zouaves; First Regiment New York Zouaves.)

The first Fire Zouaves was organized by Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln. He said "I want the New York Firemen, for there are no more effective men in the country, and none with whom I can do so much. They are sleeping on a volcano at Washington and I want men who can go into a fight now."
Within a few days, 2,300 men had answered Ellsworth's call to enlist.

Colonel Ellsworth was the first Union Officer killed in the Civil War. while occupying Alexandria Virginia the Zouaves went to take down a huge Confederate flag that was visible in Washington D.C.
Ellsworth was shot by owner of building where flag flew.

The regiment fought at First Battle of Bull Run and was stationed near Hampton Roads during the Peninsula Campaign.

Second Fire Zouaves - 73rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
(Fire Brigade; Fourth Excelsior Regiment; Sickles' Brigade.)

The Second Fire Zouaves were organized in New York City in May 1861.
They served in the Excelsior Brigade and fought at Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Appomattox Courthouse.The Gettysburg regimental monument with statues of a Fire Zouave and New York City fire fighter is featured in the poster.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New York CIty Civil War Memorial Poster

The latest Civil War 150th Poster from Rovere is the New York City Civil War Soldiers Memorial. The memorial was dedicated in 1869. The 35-foot-tall granite column stands on Battle Hill, the highest point in Brooklyn, (200 ft. above sea level). The pedestal has life sized Union soldier statues and bas relief plaques. Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery has more than 4,500 Civil War veterans, (75 Confederate) laid to rest. There are 18 Civil War generals, (16 Union, two Confederate), more than any other cemetery except Arlington & West Point. There are also other Civil War monuments throughout the cemetery. Next in this New York City series will be the Fire Zuoave Poster View Poster